Leather in particular, as a natural product a little like our skin, needs regular protection and care. But other upper materials also keep their beau--tiful appearance longer if they are treated regularly with the correct shoe care products.

Before treatment, always start by removing dirt and dust. Depending on the smoothness of the leather, apply either (Leather Cream) or (Exclusive Care) and then polish it off, applying slight pressure.

Rough leathers are ideally treated with colourless or coloured(Care Sticks), to freshen up the colour. Once the shoes are dry, use a (Brush)to restore their original pile texture.(Special Products) are available for special leathers and upper materials. Your shoe retailer will be happy to advise you.


All shoes need cleaning every now and then, to remove dirt or even old residues of care products on the upper material. (Multi Clean)

can be used to cleanse almost all materials – even removing stains. Once

the shoes are dry, please treat them with the correct care products.

Sensitive leathers and upper materials can be restored to their former glory

with (Combi Care Foam). Stains on rough leathers can also be (rubbed out) without water.

N.B.: Always allow wet or damp shoes to dry out slowly at room temperature. Never place them on a radiator, as this makes all upper materials dry and brittle.


We all know the advice, ”Impregnate shoes before wearing them for the first time”. Good impregnation not only protects shoes from moisture but also from soiling.

It is important to apply impregnating spray (Water Protect) very lightly. Repeat applications (please remember to let the shoes dry between applications!) to increase the protection level.

(Water Protect Foam) is free from spray fumes, and thus ideal for impregnating shoes indoors. The impregnating concentrate (Water Protect Special) iis ideal for impregnat- ing soles and stitching.

All three impregnating products have been proved to have no negative effects on the breathing activity of functional membranes. Shoeboy’s therefore recommends them for Gore-Tex®, Sympatex® and all other Tex membranes.

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