Hygienic deodorant to spray into all kinds of shoes. Removes and neutralises unpleasant odour in shoes. With pleasant lemon scent. Ideal for all sneakers, sports and leisure footwear, winter and ski boots. Suitable to be used in all materials, including genuine and imitation leather, Nylon and other fabrics.

Formula dermatologically tested, pH tested and gentle to skin. Ideal for shoes worn without socks. Special fast-drying formula ensures that shoes can be worn shortly after treatment. Bottle designed for easy application and proper distribution of product in shoe.


Turn the cap anticlockwise. Turn the bottle upside down and place it in the heal section of the shoe so that the spray nozzle points towards the toe section. Spray the product into the shoe by pushing the bottle down. Spray the inside of the shoe without soaking the material. After use, replace and close the cap. Let the product work for approx. 5 minutes 

  • 100 ml spray with overhead spray system
  • Item number: 908145

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