Natural comfort to meet the highest expectations: Bamboo fibre terry absorbs up to 60 % more moisture than cotton terry for a more cooling effect, and the base layer in coconut fibre provides stability and additional freshness inside your shoes. Bamboo Comfort insoles with Shoeboy’s Orthotic Technology (SOT) effectively stimulate, stabilise and protect the longitudinal and lateral arches of your feet as well as the metatarsals and heel without taking up extra space as they adapt to any foot position. This gives you a comfortable, relaxing feeling and a more secure footing as you walk. Contents: Insoles, 1 pair

  • Item number: 2273
  • Sizes: 36–48
  1. Gentle to the skin, airy terry made of bamboo cellulose
  2. Foam cushioning
  3. Stable and breathable coconut fibre
  4. Heel cushion in memory latex
  5. Shock-absorbing footbed with metatarsal support  
  6. Splayfoot pad in sturdy latex foam

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