The first winter insole with multifunctional features: individual fit, cushioning, warmth and anti-odour in one insole. You benefit from an extremely soft step and improved shoe fit with extreme impact absorption to protect your joints. The soft, velvety, yet hard-wearing microfibre velour wicks the moisture away from your feet, the activated carbon reduces odour, and the aluminium layer keeps the cold out and the warmth inside your shoe, keeping your feet fresh, dry and warm. sensation winter combines an active lifestyle with individual functionality for sensationally cosy and warm wearing comfort. Suitable for any type of sports or leisure shoe. Ideal for long periods of standing and walking, and other situations that are hard on your feet. Note: You may feel a little pressure from a new insole when you put it on for the first time. This pressure should diminish once the insole has adapted to your foot.


  • Item Number: 2257
  • Sizes 36 – 42


  • Item Number: 2258
  • Sizes 41 – 46
  1. Soft microfibre suede, gentle to the skin
  2. Visco-elastic SMS (Shoeboy’s Memory Support) foam
  3. Activated carbon foam
  4. Aluminium protection layer for thermal insulation
  5. Sturdy non-slip latex layer for additional cushioning

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