The premium footbed EVOLOTION with hand-selected calfskin is available in three types: „Support”, „Protection” and „Stability”. The centrepiece of each footbed is the dynamic EMT (Evolved Motion Technology) shell in three different arch types. EVOLUTION PROTECTION cushions , supports and helps prevent injuries resulting from intensive or excessive activities. The footbed fits very well in most shoes and takes up hardly any extra space. An ideal removable footbed in any type of business, everyday or leisure shoe.


  • Item Number: 2282
  • Sizes 36 – 42


  • Item Number: 2288
  • Sizes 41 – 48
  1. High-quality, hand-selected premium calfskin 
  2. Soft PU foam with activated carbon 
  3. Fully-formed heel cup
  4. Memory latex heel pad
  5. Sturdy yet flexible plastic EMT PROTECTION shell 
  6. Anatomically designed splayfoot pad 

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